ca. 2007
Project Statement

The Co-Signed paintings are a partnership between myself and scores of nameless, unsuspecting individuals. I troll the countryside for evidence of these people, most often found in handmade signs. These manifestations of thought also occur in the forms of more formal signage and conversations, although the latter are a little tricky to document due to their spontaneity.

Typically, the signs are marketing ploys to advertise a host of offerings such as puppies, spare parts, salvation or produce. Or they may be a directive on where one can park one’s car — or even a philosophical statement. Whatever the intent, an individual takes it upon himself to arrive at the proper wording for his message. And then he expresses it in the world at large.

I collect these expressions. I find it vastly interesting to consider the inherent meaning of the words, and then to place them into new contextual environments to explore whether new definitions and sentiments arise.

Throughout the repurposing of these found messages, I assign meaning through the painting process. In a sense, I’m steering the conversation around these newly appropriated phrases based upon my opinions. These opinions are generally influenced by the environment of the original expression, but words are words and it's quite fun to reimagine what they can mean. Ultimately, the intent is to leave the narrative open-ended to allow the viewer the freedom to create their own personal narrative through associations with materials, textures, color, etc. Each piece becomes a trip to a different place complete with new or recurring casts of characters.

These paintings would not be possible without the ingenuity of those who create the original expressions. While I recycle the wording, I don’t attempt to replicate the original signs themselves. In general, the paintings have nothing in common with the appearance of the original expression. In a sense, the artmaking process is reliant on both ends of this spectrum.

The paintings are collaborative — they are Co-Signed.

Project Information:

A continuation of "Materialism" (see Culture of Corruption) where materials are conceptually relevant to the subject matter of each piece. / Shown in various settings such as Gallery 80808 in Columbia, SC (full show) and in several group showings at Outsider Art & Collectibles and other venues around Durham, NC. / Fonts used: Pintor and Scrapt / This work was featured in Volume I and Volume IV of Studio Visit Magazine

41" x 29" - Mixed media on canvas with wax paper, aluminum siding, and shingle

41" x 29" - Mixed media on canvas with quilt squares

24" x 45" - Mixed media on carved wood with backlit camouflage

24" x 24" - Mixed media on canvas with Easter verses

24" x 24" - Mixed media on canvas with peanuts

50" x 42" - Mixed media on canvas with bedsheets, mirror, and blinds pull

33" x 40" - Mixed media on pink camouflage with stuffed animal

33" x 40" - Mixed media on "Ghost Camo" fabric with fishing tackle

41" x 29" - Mixed media on canvas with ribbons, shopping bag, and buttons

41" x 29" - Mixed media on canvas with cornmeal and eating utensils

30" x 40" - Mixed media on panel with vinyl

23" x 60" (diptych) - Mixed media on canvas with gravel

31" x 49" - Mixed media on panel with gunshot