ca. 2006 - 2008
Project Statement

The Culture of Corruption cannot be stopped. It grows daily. We don’t know how long this growth will continue. Or, once it stops, if we’ll ever know to what extent it grew. Each member of this elite(ist) society solidifies their position with words or deeds. Sometimes both. They choose their legacy with clear vision. The members of the C.O.C. select the medium of their addition to history alone and with no regret. They do not or would not ask your opinion.

Or mine.

In the future, we will look to them to tell us when to turn an eye to injustice at home or abroad. When to sacrifice life for manufactured information that will serve vendettas, egos and the thickest of wallets. They will inform us when we should be more afraid for our lives. They will not, however, tell us how much they know about us. Or what really happened. They will look us in the eye when they issue denials. Their political capital has been liquidated, but they are still spending.

I bring you the Culture of Corruption.

Project Awards, Press, and Download:

Included in 2007 Halpert Biennial at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC  —  Juror, Terry Suhre, current Director of Gallery 210, University of Missouri-St. Louis  /  Recipient of Juror's Second Place Award for "COC_The Hammer." A second piece, "COC_The Protector" was included in the Biennial.  /  The series has been exhibited as a complete show in Chicago, Durham and Boone.  /  COC has been featured by Adweek, NPR, local indy papers, established newspapers, blogs and radio.  /  Accompanying the 11 paintings is a companion book available as a download.

72" x 45" - Motor oil and pencil on canvas with matchbooks

72" x 45" - Sewn and applied ribbons, lapel pins, buckshot, and latex paint on canvas

72" x 45" - Mixed media, rubber hammer marks, and collaged money, and collaged indictment papers on wood

72" x 45" - Mixed media, handwritten Kyoto Protocol excerpts, and burning on carved wood

72" x 45" - Ink, bleach, and permanent marker on pinstripe fabric

72" x 45" - Shredded emails from and spray paint on canvas

72" x 45" - Mixed media, collaged war and World Bank imagery, and lipstick on wood

72" x 45" - Mixed media on wood with waterline

72" x 45" - Mixed media with white correctional fluid on canvas

72" x 45" - Blood (synthetic) on canvas

72" x 45" - Phone wire and wood stain on carved wood with phone jack installation

Installation view at ARC Gallery in Chicago, IL with gilded oil barrel and accompanying book