ca. 2014
Project Information

This concept was originally born of a community-driven art project called Stitch that was organized by a friend, Akira Morita. Some time passed and the good folks at American Underground approached me about an installation for the entryway to their flagship location on Main Street in Durham, NC. I knew this piece would be perfect — it could at once imbue entrepreneurs who enter AU@Main everyday with a sense of pride in the city they work, but also capture the spirit they bring to their grind each and every day. To be an entrepreneur one has to have thick skin AND a tough stomach — to be durable for the long haul. Combine the 2 and a new word emerges. Maybe it should be a hashtag or something.

For the image, I utilized a vintage map of downtown Durham to represent the history of innovation and entrepreneurship that has occurred in the Bull City. The spray paint shapes and drips were created for this piece alone and the cross-stitch lettering is bold at this size while also suggesting a handmade quality. Durham's sense of entrepreneurship is very hands-on and built from the ground up, making the font choice particularly appropriate.

96" x 96" - Digital print on print

Installation in the entryway of American Underground.