ca. 2009
Project Statement

Highway One began as a recommendation. A recommendation to take the scenic route.

Along my path I felt a sense of isolation. I’d been here before, but it seemed different. I found myself in a sea of artifacts belonging to other people: bicycles, refrigerators, churches, nightclubs, lawnmowers and phone booths. But no one was around around to claim them.

More than visual stimulation contributed to my experience along the route from Cheraw to Columbia, so I’ve incorporated ambient sound. The air was oppressively hot and humid during my trip and these washed out projections convey the same weary resistance to withering away. An antique church pew is the only seating. Churches form the primary landmarks along this route and the pew lends a sense of reverence to the imagery.

The installation seeks to find beauty in the mundane and reflect upon the fleeting memories of forgotten places.

Project Information:

Included in Made in the U.S.A. exhibition in Raleigh, NC / Photographs from a single day along one stretch of road, South Carolina Highway 01 to be exact, are projected onto a whitewashed blue tarp along with ambient sound ranging from morning birds until twilight insects, and all experienced from the comfort of an antique church pew. The washed out appearance of the imagery reflects the oppressive heat and sun-bleached appearance of the surroundings encountered on the original trip. / A series of archival prints featuring wax seals emblazoned with the Highway 01 crest were offered in limited quantities. / A selection of the 150+ images is below the video.

Installation view: Projected images on painted tarp with sound and church pew