ca. 2012
Project Information

This is a series all wrapped up in one piece — correction, it was a really awesome idea and painting (I thought) that never saw a second iteration. I guess the mold was broken, but not before this piece was scooped up for a privileged spot in a Durham residence to witness countless dinners in comfortable surroundings for years to come.

The concept would work anywhere, but I based this painting on Golden Belt in Durham, NC where I had recently completed a residency. Essentially, I took the U.S. Army's 21st-Century digitized camouflage pattern and updated it with situational details. Instead of merely approximating tonal values of a particular location, couldn't we insert authentic contextual details? If so, we could make camouflage on the fly for any location, for any purpose. Whether it's a hipster corner that includes your favorite coffee shop or a trail in the National Parks system or something slightly more militarized, the camouflage can be HYPERLOCAL. With a series of photographs and simply applying a tonal value of light, medium and dark, the pattern can be set.

In this case, there are 3,539 individual squares cut out and applied by hand to cover the canvas.

45" x 60" - Collage on canvas

Detail of collage squares

Detail of collage squares and edge application

Detail of collage squares