At Bound, everything is art. Including the art.

While creativity is a calling card of Bound as a business, art is and always has been my true lens on the world. My art blends design and experimental formats built from and in pursuit of shared experiences.

Artist Statement

I’m an artist from the South, but it’s not as cut and dry as this. Being from the South is rife with inconsistencies if not outright contradictions. Listening to The Geto Boys on the way to church. Humidity and suits and ties. Integrated schools and segregated towns. New South. Old South. These cultural contradictions and how they fit into a modern world that is anything but insular anymore interests me a great deal.

I incorporate painting, photography and drawing alongside installation, soundscapes, experimental use of materials, and media placements from a Southern vantage point within the context of an increasingly smaller world. Media, message, and form deliver experiences intentionally and reverently, especially when exploring culture, society, and the shared human experience. Depictions fall short of experiences that highlight contemporary life. My attempts are to interpret and initiate new experiences that come closer to having been there in the first place.

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Worth Watching:


2011 Halpert Biennial
Accepted, Appalachian State University
“Heritage, Not Hate?” Mixed Media on panel with image transfers, 76” x 88” polyptych

2009 Durham Art Guild Artist in Residence
Golden Belt Campus, Durham, NC 

2007 Halpert Biennial
Recipient Juror’s Second Place Award, Appalachian State University
COC_The Hammer, Mixed Media , collaged money and rubber hammer marks on panel, 72” x 45” 

2007 Halpert Biennial
Accepted, Appalachian State University
COC_The Protector, Mixed Media on panel with water line, 72” x 45”

2004 Triangle Business Journal: 40 Under 40

2002 DOGNY: America’s Tribute to Service Dogs
1 of 100 designs sponsored for painted sculptures exhibited in New York City (and London, UK)